About Us


Leafy's Collections feature artisanal handmade crochet pieces that are crafted from hand spun silk yarn, dyed with organic pigments such as mate herb, eucalyptus fiber, coffee and urucum. These rustic pieces are produced by a community of mothers in the small town of Garopaba, Brazil.


Silvia Vassão is a sustainable fashion designer from Brazil based in New York City. Her “natural couture” handcrafted silk crochet pieces are produced by artisans in fishing villages in southern Brazil, where Leafy also offers crochet workshops in community of mothers creating jobs and sustaining the ancient art of crochet. Silvia sources Leafy’s silk yarn in the Brazilian “silk valley” where the world’s best silk is produced artisanally, hand spun and dyed with natural pigments. Leafy's designs reflect the designer gypset lifestyle, crossing continents, traveling through the seven seas, making stops at the chic, exotic destinations where Leafy garments are meant to be worn.