Birdsong Collection 

One thing that was not cancelled in 2020 was the dawn of spring and abundance of nature. An abrupt silence within our urban centers as the sounds of an industrialized society disappeared brought the renewal of nature, blossoming of ecosystems such as different species of birds, bringing the majestic, melodic and sensual birdsong announcing hope back into our lives.

The "Birdsong Collection" was inspired by this resurgence of nature, by the beautiful song of the birds that emerged louder and more seductive than we have ever perceived, representing the power of recreation and rebirth of our planet where fashion should respect nature, Leafy's most important mission. Our new collection was designed with a sense of comfort and sensuality created for the women WHO OWN THEIR NATURE.

Leafy's Collections feature artisanal handmade crochet pieces that are crafted from hand spun silk yarn, dyed with organic pigments extracted from plants, teas and tree barks. These rustic pieces are produced by a community of mothers in the small town of Garopaba, Brazil