Our new collection “Pangaea” features sustainable Pirarucu fish leather combined with our handcrafted silk crochet line.

The Pirarucu (Arapaima Gigas) is the largest fish in the Amazon and one of the oldest freshwater fish on earth. Only found in the Amazon River, this giant fish with its primeval looks brought us back to the Triassic earth period, where “Pangaea” the supercontinent broke off into our current land masses. Thinking Paleo, Tribal and Triangular shapes and designs, going back to Gaia’s prehistoric days, creation and extinction, we present our most innovative and elaborate collection yet.

Leafy's Collections feature artisanal handmade crochet pieces that are crafted from handspun silk yarn, dyed with organic pigments such as mate herb, eucalyptus fibre, coffee and urucum. These rustic pieces are produced by a community of mothers in the small town of Garopaba, Brazil.